Artist Reception with Christine Sullivan : Felt: Unraveling Social Norms

13 October 2023 
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Christine Sullivan, a multidisciplinary and conceptual artist, uses wool felt to transcend its humble origins and become a vehicle for challenging, subverting, and reimagining the most entrenched societal norms and icons.

Sullivan blends the tactile warmth of felt with the power of visual language. Through paint, screenprint, and fiber, she invites viewers to engage in a dialogue that confronts established paradigms and exposes them to fresh perspectives. Sullivan revels in the quirky, the crafty, and the unconventional reputation of felt, using it as a vehicle to highlight the grandiose messaging found in religious, political, and corporate realms.

 Her felt abstract geometric creations, inspired by her earlier hard-edge paintings, play with past and present and rigid and supple. Often these works are the reimagining of ubiquitous symbols and logos that have ingrained themselves into the fabric of our daily existence. They are deconstructed, shedding their familiar meanings and acquiring a new, enigmatic allure that beguiles and enchants.

Consider, for instance, a shape that traces its origins to the iconic McDonald’s golden arches—an emblematic symbol of fast food and consumer culture. In Sullivan’s reinterpretation, this symbol transcends its original connotations, inviting the viewer to traverse uncharted realms of interpretation. The viewer is compelled to engage with this familiar yet enigmatic motif, rendering its significance deeply personal and intriguing.


Furthermore, Sullivan often converts wool felt into a canvas for screen printing. With layers and added felt shapes, she pushes the boundaries of this versatile material, creating thought-provoking pieces that challenge conventional thinking.